Friday, September 10, 2010

The Studio

We have been through a lot of growing pains, rearranging, organizing and of course decorating to make our studio a fun and inspirational place to work. It is a never ending project but that is good because it means we are constantly growing. I couldn't ask for a better place to work and play. I say play because we have so much fun that it doesn't seem like a job. Over the next few weeks we will be giving you a glimpse into our studio and our lives. It is important for us to feel that connection with our customers and readers which is hard to do when our business is 99% online sales. We converse through emails and occasionally phone calls with customers when helping to create the perfect event. Mostly are orders are just a name on the screen and we have to use our imaginations to picture the type of event they may be having. Our main purpose in sharing our workspace with you is to bring you into our world for a moment. Even though we may have only an image in our mind of the person that belongs to the name we take pride and enjoy knowing we have helped make that special day or event even better. Nothing goes out our door unless it is perfect and if you know my sister you know that statement is 100 percent true! Thanks for coming back and reading our blog and please return soon so we can share a little bit of our sunshine with you!! Dawn

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