Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Awesome Find

So in our quest for the latest greatest treasures, we came across an old looking machine with lots of little parts at an estate sale. After a closer look, we noticed these beautiful cedar boxes. Of course looking for a bargain, we were able to get them for next to nothing. I will tell you we did not buy the machine and all the curious little pieces. It is totally normal for us to research any finds when we get home to see exactly what kind of treasures we have purchased. We quickly realized that for $35.00 we should have bought the machine and all the parts. It was an old letter press that is still worth a lot of money! We grabbed our purses and keys and jumped in the car and headed back to the estate sale. You probably know how this ends. Someone beat us to the punch!! Moral of the story "Research what you find with one hand on the unknown and the other on your Droid!!"
We really want to sell these great boxes to a collector, but they are just so darn cute we haven't gotten that far. I imagine them at a rustic vintage wedding as centerpieces with beautiful flowers peeking out.
I just wanted to share that little story. It's not often we get the privilege to go to an estate sales but next time we are going to be ready!!

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linwood avenue said...

ooh, will you shoot me an email of what you found out about this? i have a box of dingbats out of this series (birthday cakes, dogs, flowers, etc.) from a sale years ago. but i too didn't buy the machine, just the metal stamps :(