Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whimsical Table Number Holders and Hand Cut Whimsical Number Cards

Our vision for The Funky Shack has been for a long time to be that place that every bride wants to visit for unique handcrafted wedding decor and custom orders. I know that I promised jewelry months ago and we have an exclusive artist but it is taking some time to get it up and running. Be patient and we will soon have great pieces for brides and the wedding party. For now we are concentrating on expanding our table top decor. After taking these pictures, I saw how beautiful the hand cut card looks in the holder that I decided to offer them together. This makes it convenient for the bride and she gets a unique and whimsical look for her tables. We started printing cards sometime last year and have done everything from numbers, to locations and storybook names. I just listed this table number holder in our Etsy store. It is listed as a set of 12 table number holders with 12 hand cut table number cards.
Thanks for reading and come back soon to see more creative wedding decor ideas.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fabulous Shots from Fearless Photography

I just wanted to share these completely adorable pics by my friend Hilary at Fearless Photography. I have to admire her for her courage to follow her passion. She recently left her teaching job to pursue her dream of being a photographer. She was a great kindergarten teacher, she had my son Noah, but I truly believe that her quirky personality(I mean that as a compliment Hilary) and creative mind will make her one of the best photographers around. Check back soon and I will have more information on her website and contact information.

Funky and Fabulous! Our New Whimsical Table Number or Picture Holder

These we created while designing a custom order for a bride. We love them so much we listed them in out Etsy store.
I know that you will love them as much as we do. The wire is absolutely gorgeous. We received an or of antique looking pewter colored wire. I don't know how long it will be available, but we have enough for your fall wedding!
They are so perfect for getting creative. You could even use them as wedding favors with a little thank you card in the holder. I will be using them for teacher gifts at Christmas myself!
Let your imagination run wild!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Funky Bowls and Platters

We just can't help ourselves. We continue to add new items. In fact, we have so many creative ideas that we can't keep up with ourselves. We are constantly reminding each other to slow down and finish what we started before venturing into something new. I am having so much fun working with my sister that it never seems like work. I just can't wait to share with you all that we have been working on. Check back often!!
Our funky and fabulous bowls will be add sometime this week. Just go to our either one of our Etsy stores to see some new fabulous finds.

Playing Catch Up!!

I don't know where the summer went. It was like a big blur. Business was great and there was not a moment that we weren't rushing to meet wedding deadlines and filling last minute orders for brides. On top of this we had our kids and at times a few extra. Our original plan was to make a schedule and keep structure and rotate the kids through "stations" during the day to maintain some level of organized chaos. Well about half of our plan worked. We started out the morning with school where the kids completed worksheets and did some reading. Then after school it usually went done hill slowly during the day. By three o'clock, by the way that was usually the same time we were rushing to get packages to the post office, the kids were unbearable and it was crisis after crisis over toys, he said she said, video games, and you name it. We did make it though. We got our work done and managed not to go too crazy most days.
Now that school has started, I have so much to write about! We had some pretty cool things happen and we are so excited about where we are going. I will be adding a lot of cool pics and sharing some really awesome ideas and inspirations with you.
Thanks for reading.
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wow, Look at our Whimsical Table Number Holder


I sat down in front of my computer to check out the latest Style Me Pretty blog posts by Abby Larson. I know I have mentioned before my love for this site. I have at times spent hours on Style Circle creating inspiration boards and reading blog posts. I was pleasantly surprised to see in the middle of Table 13 one of our handcrafted table number holders. I was so excited. I just knew that one day our designs would somehow end up on the pages of the most fabulous wedding blog out there. As much as I was excited, I was curious as to who ordered the table number holders and how they ended up on in this beautiful and whimsical wedding. After a little research I realized it was the caterer . Royal Fig Catering is a fabulous company that is located in the Austin, Texas area. Many of our holders are also pictured in their blog. I have to say it was quite an awesome day to find our holders pictured on these blogs.