Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catering and Bakery Supplies

Over the past couple of months we have noticed that our orders from bakeries and caterers have increased dramatically. This is market that found us but we are having a great time customizing orders to fit their needs. From chalkboards to buffet markers, we have tweaked and re sized to fit specific needs and food items.

The pictures above are from Royal Fig Catering which is located in the Austin area. Their catering style can fit any need you may have from a whimsical wedding to an outdoor family event. We were thrilled to see our holders on their beautifully delicious tables.

This week we will be shipping a custom order to a catering company that is located in the Chicago area. I will have the big reveal later this week.

Anyway, if looking for a creative touch to mark food on your buffet table we have many styles to choose from. Please also check out our Etsy store for more styles.

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