Saturday, June 4, 2011

Peek Inside The Funky Shack Art Studio

I often get asked "What exactly to you do?" and when I say "We specialize in handcrafted wedding decor and wedding design" I get a lot of "hmm"'s. It is hard to visualize exactly what we do without seeing our pieces or our inventory. So, here is a little bit of the studio. I am the marketing department, the office manager, and the packing department. Jennifer is the artist and creates everything wire that goes out the door which is an unbelievable task. We work together on wedding design, rentals and new product ideas. We have a carpenter, aka Dad, who makes all of our chalkboards and custom frames and Jennifer's husband makes wood centerpieces and farm tables. There is never a boring moment especially right now as the wedding season is in high gear!!! Thanks for visiting!

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