Thursday, October 21, 2010


Once upon a time, this is how our studio looked. Whimsically decorated for Christmas. I would be ashamed to show you the studio at this moment. We have been so incredibly busy that we are busting at the seems. We have a table full of chalkboard table numbers ready to go out and we have another table of wire table number holders and place holders ready to be packed up. In every corner we have our vintage finds stashed and stacked up ready to photograph. The floor right now has all kinds of random boxes scattered around, packing material, and pieces of wire. We never intend to be untidy, but we are always rushing and our time seems to just fly away.

In addition to our studio being a flat mess, our website and Etsy store have suffered a little bit as well. Like I said we are having growing rapidly pains. Despite all the chaos and mess, we are determined to get the orders out in time!!! We even take last minute rush orders and are able to get them there in the nick of time.

So as we grow , our website at times may need some attention and my blogs may be sporadic, but I assure you that is because we have the bride in mind and get the orders out first and sometimes it is a ton of orders.

Thanks for stopping by! See you on the flip side! Dawn

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