Friday, August 27, 2010

Playing Catch Up!!

I don't know where the summer went. It was like a big blur. Business was great and there was not a moment that we weren't rushing to meet wedding deadlines and filling last minute orders for brides. On top of this we had our kids and at times a few extra. Our original plan was to make a schedule and keep structure and rotate the kids through "stations" during the day to maintain some level of organized chaos. Well about half of our plan worked. We started out the morning with school where the kids completed worksheets and did some reading. Then after school it usually went done hill slowly during the day. By three o'clock, by the way that was usually the same time we were rushing to get packages to the post office, the kids were unbearable and it was crisis after crisis over toys, he said she said, video games, and you name it. We did make it though. We got our work done and managed not to go too crazy most days.
Now that school has started, I have so much to write about! We had some pretty cool things happen and we are so excited about where we are going. I will be adding a lot of cool pics and sharing some really awesome ideas and inspirations with you.
Thanks for reading.
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