Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beyond the Door, Senoia Georgia

This week The Funky Shack Blog is going to be all about Senoia, Georgia. Senoia you say? Wondering what Senoia is? Well its only one of the cutest old small towns in the south. It was founded in 1860 and still has the same charm and character that I can only imagine has been there since the beginning. For more information on the history of Senoia click here.
To Visit BEYOND THE DOOR's website click here!
Our tour of Senoia is going to start with the very eclectic and charming shop, Beyond The Door. This shop has some of the most unique and original finds for your home and garden that I've seen this side of Atlanta. It has a lot of vintage mixed with original art, gorgeous furniture and much more. The lamps in this shop are AMAZING!
Definately one of a kind and worth going out of your way for!

This handcrafted lamp is a perfect translation of rustic elegance, absolutely breathtaking!

Looking for that one of a kind converstion piece? This one will do for sure! It looks great while providing lots of storage. It would be a great home for all of your special linens.

This piece is definately one of a kind!
You can pick the fabric of your choice for this chic little chair and ottoman.

Merry Christmas!
23 Main St.
Senoia, GA 30276
(770) 599-3331

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