Monday, November 26, 2012

The Walking Dead in Haralson at our Studio

the funky shack
(This is a screen shot courtesy of AMC of our studio from this seasons opening sequence)  

This summer when we found the most perfect studio space we had no  idea what was ahead in our future. All we knew was that we found a large space in a perfectly rustic building with lots of storage, a great area to meet with brides and a room just for doing projects. It is on a quiet serene street in Haralson which is only five miles south of Senoia, Georgia. 
Well, that quickly changed as we became a filming location for The Walking Dead. I am a huge fan of the show so you can only imagine how excited I was to have this happening right outside our front door.
Now that the season is in full swing and they have finished filming for season 3, I thought it would be safe to share some of those moments with you. 

The Funky Shack

This was probably one of my favorite moments.

the funky shack

We couldn't believe all the equipment and the amount of work that goes into setting up to film an episode. This is our side parking lot.

the funky shack haralson georgia

My son Noah was home from school "sick" and had to come to work with me.

the funky shack

My husband got to take a few hours off of work to come down and "help" us at work.

the funky shack

the funky shack

 The other kids came after school to hang out while we were working. They were really good at being quiet as soon as they heard "Rolling." If only that worked for us at home!

I wish we had security like this!

You can't even imagine how hard it is to concentrate and work with "Rick Grimes" sitting right outside your window.

 ...Or "Daryl Dixon" walking around in his leather jacket with a knife strapped to his leg. 

Then during one of our biggest weeks of the year with two big weddings fast approaching, we cleaned out our two back rooms to hold and transform forty zombies and some other extras.

It was such an exciting and amazing experience. Something we would have never imagined happening at The Funky Shack. Who knows maybe it would be fun to have a zombie wedding right here at a filming location. We would most definately be up for that one!

If you are interested in having an event at The Funky Shack give us a shout.


Sarah said...

Ok, all I have to say about this is "Awesome!!!" I showed this post to my son and he is also in awe!

Jennifer Yarbrough said...

Sarah it was pretty surreal. Most definately a great moment.

Melanie.Trini said...

wow. Just wow