Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Choosing Your Wedding Day Photographer

Choosing your wedding day photographer can be one of the biggest decisions in the whole planning process.  My advice to brides is to research styles and previous work before making a final decision. Your wedding day will go by so fast and you will be so busy being  whisked away for pictures, dances, cake cutting, visits with out of town guests and so much more.  You may think now that you will have time to soak in all the details you have worked months on planning, but think again. There may be parts of your reception that you may not even remember seeing. 
One important thing to keep in mind when researching is to find a photographer that will be thoughtful in capturing all the details you have spent months planning!!

Look at how beautiful these details have been captured by 

Who knew a men's room sign could 
look so precious? 

Charming pictures of your venue can 
look like pieces of art!

This is a view that you most definitely
 would not see on your wedding day! 

It is the littlest details that 
can tell the story!!

You won't want to forget what your venue 
looked like the day you
said "I do."

A view that captures the magic 
of the night is priceless!!

Creative pictures of you cake table is a must!

All I have to say about this picture is "Wow."

You will be too busy dancing and socializing
 to take time to watch the band!

Even the buffet signs become gorgeous memories 
for your photo album.

Thanks to Ben Vigil for letting us share!!

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