Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Adventure Begins

So I did it!! After 24 years in the restaurant business, I took that leap of faith to come on board full time with Jennifer at The Funky Shack!! It was a long time coming and the decision, though a little scary and a lot out of my comfort zone, felt so right. Jennifer is my sister , my BFF, and we spend the day working, brainstorming, laughing and planning the rest of out lives. It is a perfect situation, but what would make it more perfect is if Tami, our other sister and BFF would come join us!!!

My job title, Studio Manager, sounds very chic. It pretty much includes a little of everything from stopping at Starbuck's to get my "boss" coffee, making lunch for the kids, all the paperwork, packing, painting and everything "computer." I have to say I love every minute of it! I can go to work in my pj's, kick my shoes off and dig in.

The test is going to be this summer trying to work and keep five kids(6yrs. 7yrs, 7yrs, 10yrs, and 13yrs.) busy and productive. We have somewhat come up with a plan now it is time to enact and hold ourselves accountable. It is going to take a lot of organization from two Moms who usually just "wing it."

It is not going to be business as usual this summer. Our plan is to aggressively attack and conquer the world of weddings and party decor. We pretty much have decided that our husbands work too hard running around to make extra money and it is our goal to grow and land at some financial peace.

Check back because I will be starting a seperate blog to share this adventure with you!


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